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Wednesday December 30, 2099

Referee Recertification

Tuesday November 09, 2004
As you know, we’ve had a good season under challenging and changing circumstances. On some dates there were games uncovered, therefore rescheduled and re-assigned. The IHSAA high school schedule included new schools. The USSF competitive youth included significantly fewer games. Everyone should become certified as soccer referees by both USSF and (if you’re old enough -18 and out of HS) IHSAA. BE SURE TO ATTEND A USSF RE-CERTIFICATION CLINIC. There is no equivalent IHSAA soccer referee re-certification clinic. The only LOCAL re-certification clinic will start at 1:00 PM, Sunday, November 14, 2004 in the LGI Room (front entrance) at Jefferson High School on 1801 South 18th Street in Lafayette. Please attend this clinic even if you are not yet USSF licensed. Should you chose, the local USSF licensing clinic is February 11, 12 & 13, 2005 and this re-certification clinic will help prepare you for the February training. The training presented in the USSF re-certification clinic will be particularly useful for the coming season, which includes high school aged players, and also the next fall IHSAA high school soccer season. For a list of USSF re-certification clinics and USSF grade 8 certification clinics see the web site indianasrc.org. As a USSF Referee, for the USSF re-certification clinic you’ll need a: • $30 check to ISRC; • Count of the games completed; • Black ball point pen and hard writing surface; and • Registration form. (Soccer referees certified only by IHSAA should just attend, listen and learn.) The registration form may be provided: • If you go to your local re-certification clinic –it will be supplied as a partially pre-printed form; • Through the mail for some – again perhaps as a partially pre-printed form; and • If you want to complete the registration form ahead of the re-certification clinic, from the web site http://www.ussoccer.com/referees/content.sps?iType=4169&icustompageid=6693 Get your game count from sportslogistics.net. If you need directions to Jeff HS call Doug Cupp at 430-5534. If you have questions or problems call Jack Foos at 765.362.3083. If you have Halloween candy to share page Don Morrison at 423.8992. Thank you.

TippCo Status as of August 17, 2004

Tuesday August 17, 2004
August 17, 2004 John Schumann, President TippCo Soccer Club Soldiers Home Road West Lafayette, IN 47906 John: Thank you for this opportunity to make suggestions on the site schedule. In general it’s work-able. Preferences We always prefer games on Sundays – more Referees available. We prefer games in groups of 3 in sequence. Having meet the two above conditions, we finally then prefer two or more simultaneous games. Improvements Our first choice for improvement would be to move the single game on each of the following dates, in priority order: Game# Day Date 2025 Sat. October 23 2233 Sun October 31 2124 Sun October 24 Our second choice for improvement would be to move the following, in priority order: Game# Day Date 925 or 928 Sat September 25 1283 or1285 Sat October 2 1282 or 1287 Sat October 2 Good Times and Dates Our first choice for time and date slots to be used for rescheduled games, in priority order: Time Day Date 4:00 PM Sun September 26 1:00 PM Sun October 17 4:00 PM Sun September 19 (2 Slots) 4:00 PM Sun October 3 (2 Slots) Our last choice for time and date slots to be used for rescheduled games, in priority order: Time Day Date 2:30 PM Sun October 24 4:00 PM Sun October 24 A grade of B+ would earned if we could move the three (3) first priority games to any of the four (4) first priority time and date slots. Next How to you wish to proceed in attempting these reschedules? Thank you. Sincerely, Don Morrison, Referee and Assignor Doug Cupp, Referee and Assignor

IHSAA Status as of August 13

Friday August 13, 2004
Dear AD: Attached is your Soccer Referees as scheduled to date. We are still working to fill the unassigned officiating slots. As you know time is short and we will be in communication with you as frequently as daily until the assignments are complete. As of today, the August 2004 IHSAA soccer referee tests are not graded and therefore the most recent referees are still not available. We expect the shortage of referees to continue. We are in correspondence with four referees, who for various unusual reasons are just now submitting their availability. We need to start the assigning soccer referees for your Fall 2005 season and, if you have it your schedule for 2006. On the other side we have started accepting the referees’ availability for 2005 and will soon be doing so for 2006. Some IHSAA Soccer games have been assigned for 2005 and a few for 2006. Please let us have your schedule of games as currently arranged for both 2005 and 2006. Thank you for your patience and the opportunity to serve your assigning needs. We also offer announcers and concessionaires. Please contact with your additional requirements. Donald V. Morrison, Referee and Assignor Sports Logistics LLC 2635 Yeager Road Suite D West Lafayette, IN 47906-1355 Telephone 765.497.0911 Digital Pager 765.423.8992 Email dvmorrison@ SportsLogistics.net As of August 1, 2004, previous address was 1291 Cumberland Avenue West West Lafayette, IN 47906-1385 This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please notify Sports Logistics LLC at assigner@ SportsLogistics.net or telephone 765.497.0911 or mail to Sports Logistics LLC 2635 Yeager Road Suite D West Lafayette, IN 47906-1355

Soccer Extreme 2004 Schedule Released

Friday May 28, 2004
The schedule for the Soccer Extreme 2004 Tournament has been posted.

Update your availability now for spots.

Announcement August 8, 2003

Friday August 08, 2003
August 8, 2003 Officials: Thank you for this opportunity and allow me to present Sports Logistics. As many of you know, for several years I have been employed with Ecologistics Limited LLC. The business of Ecologistics is infrastructure management and engineering including the areas of cultural, historical, natural resources and recreational projects. To capture my experience and manage my time, Ecologistics has started this separate and new operating unit - Sports Logistics. Sports Logistics is proud to announce the new employment of two experienced and well-known consultants; Doug Cupp and Ben Wolfe. Doug will be the lead scheduler and contact of officials for adult, high school, and youth soccer using a new internet web site, email, telephone, cellular phone, and other electronic formats, and correspondence and postings. Doug will continue in his present capacities with the Greater Lafayette Recreational Soccer Alliance, Purdue Women’s Soccer Club, and Jefferson High School. Ben will be the lead programmer for the web site and web master. Sports Logistics provides Field Marshals, Mentors, Assessors, Instructors, or other officials. Some related activities of Sports Logistics are concessionaire; sports announcing; facility preparations and maintenance; team coach, official, and manager training; and club services. Please feel free to contact us about your sports needs. Sincerely, SPORTS LOGISTICS LLC Don Morrison, Referee and Assignor Sports Logistics: Daytime phone: (765) 497 - 0911 Message phone: (765) 427 - 2053 Email address: assigner@sportslogistics.net Web Site: www.sportslogistics.net US Mail address: 2635 Yeager Road Suite D, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - 1355 Don Morrison: Daytime phone: (765) 497 – 0911 6 PM to 11:30 PM Home phone: (765) 463 - 4064 Pager: (765) 423 - 8992 Email address: dvmorrison@sportslogistics.net US Mail address: 2635 Yeager Road Suite D, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - 1355 Doug Cupp: Daytime phone: (765) 430– 5534 8 AM to 10 PM Home phone: (765) 448 - 4879 Email address: dhcupp@sportslogistics.net US Mail address: 2635 Yeager Road Suite D, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - 1355 Ben Wolfe: Daytime phone: (765) 404 - 3951 Email address: bawolfe@sportslogistics.net US Mail address: 2635 Yeager Road Suite D, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - 1355 Others: Daytime phone: (765) 497 - 0911 Email address: assigner@sportslogistics.net US Mail address: 2635 Yeager Road Suite D, West Lafayette, IN 47906 - 1355